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Moving can get complicated & PODS Phoenix is here for you.


Sep 2, 2022

Moving and storing belongings is easy with portable storage containers. A portable storage container can be used for temporary storage, relocation, or remodeling. These mobile storage units are delivered to your home or office and can be used to help you organize and move. Now it is time to pack your containers. You can safely store any item with the proper packing techniques.

You can place heavy items in small boxes that can be lifted into the container. Lighter things can go into big bins. Be sure to label each box. Bubble wrap fragile electronics and electronics. You can also use newspapers, pillows, and clothing as cushions. You should pack your boxes tightly but not overload them. For easier stacking, it is essential to use the same-size Phoenix pods.

To create a wall, start at the back of your unit by packing from the ceiling to the floor. Next, place your boxes or other items along the edges of the container. This will prevent things from moving when the container’s moved. You’ll also have enough room to move around the container until it is fully packed. It is important to evenly distribute the weight of your belongings from side to side and front to back. Although it feels natural to place all heavy items, such as furniture and appliances, in the show, keeping some for the back is essential.

You should put away items you don’t need, such as toiletries, cooking materials, towels, or your child’s favorite toys. These items are best placed toward the front of your container to make it easy to find them. To avoid losing your important documents and valuables, it is a good idea to keep them with you. Please do not store food, flammables, or ammunition in the container.

It can be challenging to find and use self-storage. If you are looking for storage, you may already have a lot of work. Perhaps you are going through a significant life change like a move, military relocation, or simply trying to clean up clutter in your home. Regardless of your reasons for self-storage, here’s the scoop on self-storage basics.

Self-storage can be used for your home. Self-storage is an excellent option for homeowners and renters who realize they have more stuff than they can store in their homes. People rotate items from their homes to their storage units throughout the year, including holiday decorations and swimming pool supplies.

While the location is essential when choosing a storage unit for your home, it’s not the only factor. Ask yourself what amenities you might need. If you have sensitive items or need to be kept dry, ensure the unit is temperature controlled. Many sizes will accommodate items that require climate control. These include standard and large closets and smaller ones that can store the contents of tiny homes or multiple rooms. You should choose a size that is slightly larger than what you have. This will allow you to move around as you need. For better ventilation, leave enough space between your stored items and walls.

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