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When does it make sense to create a family office?


Jun 4, 2023

A family office may be a good tool for managing the family wealth. Many families have assets that are worth over $100 million. Although it might be an attractive option for some, the reality is that this may not be feasible for all families. This article will explain what a family business is and what you need to do in order to start one. We’ll also discuss who it would suit. Also, we will explore the different types of Family Offices and the benefits that they offer to the client with ultra-high income.

Any group of professionals that provides personal or professional service to families, independent from their family businesses, is a “family office”. It can be one person or several individuals who manages the various aspects of a family, from their home, to travel, and even asset collection. Families offices may also include the staff of professionals who manage 离岸信托 certain financial services. For example, accounting services, planning and preparation for taxes, estate planning, etc. Family offices can be managed by as little as 2 people or up to 350+ professionals who usually perform all of these services within the office.

Each family office has its own unique characteristics, but they also share many similar attributes in regards to operational practices and methods of service delivery. Uniqueness in each family office can be attributed to values, family interests, family needs, or other characteristics. How the family office enhances family life will depend on the variety of practices in governance, communication and family engagement.

A wide variety of models are in use for family offices today. The main differences between single-family offices and multi-family ones are numerous. While multi-family firms serve several families unrelated to each other, single-family businesses cater to only one. The majority of the services are provided by both types of offices, and they limit their outsourcing to a minimum.

Also, there are private family trusts that have been legally set up in a manner that allows for maximum tax and estate planning as well as long-term fiduciary supervision. A private trust company can operate in close proximity to a Family Office or as an independent entity.

Family investment companies are also available, which will often carry out investment activity on behalf of a family. The family investment company does not offer support services. These support services may include legal, accounting, residence management and other financial services. The traditional family office provides these services, however they do so by outsourcing. Regardless of whether or not there are support services available, it is common that this office only serves one family. It may be multiple generations, but the denominator remains the same. A family office that is outsourced can be referred to.

In evaluating the appropriateness of a Family Office, advisors tend to focus on the quantifiable factors like the family’s balance sheet. But qualitative factors like diversification and family dynamics should also be taken into consideration. They can all be classified into one of three groups.

Most advisors, as mentioned earlier, will use the balance sheet to determine the viability of a Family Office. But, the income has proved to be more important than net worth and assets.

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