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LiveChat is a Complete Customer Service Platform With More Benefits


Dec 21, 2022

New realities have impacted our lives. You, those of you trying to maintain your business’s viability, will have to adapt to a new way to work and communicate with customers and colleagues. This could mean that you are trying different communication tools best live chat. The four main parameters that you can use to decide whether to get a free live chat or a trial of the software are essential. However, even with careful research, it isn’t easy to know how each software performs. Companies can use free live chat software or apps as a starting point to test the waters. 

These free trials allow you to try out the core functions of the tool without paying for a more advanced version. Cloud-based solutions are easy to upgrade. Live chat is available in many ways, including whispering on chat and transferring a conversation to the right person. Agents can chat with multiple customers simultaneously, making it more challenging and accessible. Agents can analyze the most common cases and create canned responses (readymade answers) to help them provide faster support.

These past few years have seen a shift in the future of work, particularly when it comes down to working remotely. Our recent Remote Work Survey, conducted at the end of 2020, revealed that 72% of respondents work remotely, while 21% work remotely at least partially. Even as pandemic risks diminish, it is predicted that more people will continue to work in a hybrid model where they split their time between home and the office. This means that remote work tools are becoming more critical than ever. We are fortunate to have the best technological position in history to allow successful work-from-home experiences. Remote work tools are at the forefront of technology in work technology. Take a look at the venture capital investment over the past decade. More than $1 billion has been invested in this software and tech.

Although remote work is not new, it is becoming more common. A Gallup poll found that 56% of U.S. workers work at least part of the day remotely. While some workers may return to work part-time, others might work all or most of the time remotely. However, the trend toward remote work is here to stay. Upwork’s Future of Workforce Pulse reports that 56% of U.S. workers work remotely at least partially. This means that leaders and managers need to learn new ways of working and change some traditional methods. Remote work is changing our work, from team collaboration and meetings to schedule management and performance management.

It’s great to work remotely, but it can get frustrating when your cat gets on your computer. Your neighbor, whom you can only guess, is building a time machine and starts cranking up the power tools and machinery across the street, making remote work a necessity rather than a luxury. COVID-19 has made remote work a necessity for many professionals. Which environment is more productive? The office or the home office? Your colleagues often threaten your ability to get some severe and head-down work done in the office. You may be invited to lunch by them, or they might drop by your desk. 

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