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Dec 14, 2022

The vinyl paper type is washable so it can be maintained over time. Vinyl surfaces are an attractive choice for bathroom walls, but they can also be used for other types of walls. Let’s take a look at the shower ones, or more accurately the sink. The contact with water in these cases will be greater than, for instance, the entrance wall. It is important to use fiberglass paper if you wish to decorate these walls.

It is important to state it immediately. We deal with the most resilient wallpaper. Ambientha fibreglass coverings have a 200 gr/mq embossed finish. This gives them a great surface covering and excellent dimensional stability. There are many advantages Glasvezelbehang to bathroom wallpaper. It provides high protection against cracks and fissures in walls. It resists scratches, collisions, tears and detergents.

Maybe you haven’t yet considered fiberglass, but it is an ideal choice even for kitchen renovations. Fiberglass is both fireproof as well as hygienic. Although it comes at a higher cost due to its particulars, fiberglass is still a great option for bathroom walls, even those near sinks and showers. It is possible to cover shower walls. However, the answer to this question is yes. You’ll need more information.

We’ve found that fiberglass wallpaper is the best choice in humid environments. But what about the interior walls of the shower. The shower’s internal walls are in direct contact with water. It is therefore necessary to apply a finishing protective layer, such as a resin one, to make the project complete and last longer.

This is why professional wallpaper installation is so important. While you can pretend to be a decorator it is an extremely difficult job that requires care and attention. Once you are certain about the finishes that you will use to decorate the bathroom walls, you can choose whether you want minimal chic, industrial or exotic floral. First, choose the right color combination for your walls. Next, let’s unleash our imagination!

The bathroom should be chosen in harmony with other rooms. The pattern could have nuances that combine with the ceramic colours, or, rather, the different textures can be used to create an interesting effect with strong chromatic contrasts. This will add new life to every tile, ceramic, and wood that you don’t want modified.

Bathroom furnishing in shabby chic style is fashionable, romantic, and trendy. With its provencal taste, it can convey a sense of cleanliness. Be sure to balance the materials, colours, and furniture.

For wallpaper, the pastel shades and pale colors are ideal. It is possible to set up the chromatic scheme in your environment using neutral colours, such as grey and turtledove. They are gentle and can be used for accentuating furniture. You might prefer a more modern, elegant bathroom.

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