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Don’t swear at your driver or be obnoxious


Jul 8, 2022

You might have a flat or broken tire on your limo. While these things are not avoidable, they can be managed with some planning. Your limousine service should be able provide a backup vehicle that can take you to prom, and not just leave you walking all night. The price of the limo service should be known by the person paying it. If the package does not include sodas, glassware, or ice, you should make sure that these items are not extra.

Did you over-tip your chauffeur or infuriate him? Executive travelers who use limousine services frequently ask me about proper tipping. It’s easy for people to overlook subtle details in the service industry. Some services charge gratuity on top of the all-inclusive Restaurants price, while others do not. Executive travel allows us to express gratitude to the people who make our journeys easier (chauffeurs and baristas, concierges). This guide will help you to look like a savvy executive traveler by letting you know how to tip and when.

Tip for the moment and future service. If you are a returning customer, it is important to remember. Tipping is done because the person was helpful. There’s not much else. Gratuity is a tradition that has existed for centuries. Tipper and tipper both know and understand the value of gratuity. Many of our limousine clients say that their chauffeur (often misspelled as chaufer) went above and beyond what is expected of them. There’s much more to exceptional service. Don’t tip if the service provided was not helpful.

Diane Gottsman is an expert on etiquette, and also the founder of The Protocol School of Texas. She says that the USA’s general rule of thumb is “If someone touches it, expect them to tip you”. This rule is contextual and follows common sense. Unlike in Australia, restaurant patrons rarely tip. Many people have made the occasional tipping error at some point. This could be forgetting to tip the chauffeur or thinking that a porter would have enough change to pay a 100-dollar bill. Tipping is an essential part of any travel budget. Executive travelers who have traveled extensively know that tipping is an important part of their business and their journey. They make tipping part of their travel routine. Quick Tip: Ask the concierge at your hotel about local tipping protocol and etiquette if you are unsure.

You’d think they’re the best part about the event. A great limo service can make your event a memorable one, whether it’s for the wedding, prom, bachelor or bachelorette parties, anniversary celebrations, or any other occasion. While the main purpose of a limousine service is to have fun, there are some basic rules that all passengers should adhere to. Respectful treatment is required for both the luxury car service provider and the driver.

It is important to know how many people will be traveling in the limousine or luxury car that you have booked. It’s a good idea to inform the company if the number of passengers is increasing. This will allow them to determine which vehicle will be most accommodating, safe, and comfortable for you.

Although it may seem silly, this can lead to a lot more mishaps and clumsiness. Let the driver open the door for your (it’s their job), and then sit down in the empty seat. Swing your legs in to make an easy entry. Once you are seated, move along the rows of seats until you find the perfect spot.

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